Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Big Update

Its official.

Last night was the first time (in a long time) that we're actually TTC! Yep. So, we'll see how fertile I am... and if I conceived last night, then the next baby will be due around the same time as Ursula was due. It would be cool to have a spring baby though.

In other news...

We are now the 'proud' owners of a cockatiel. Jeremy found it flying around outside. I actually hope the owners post pics of it, wanting it back... because that bird will not stay off of us! I do like the way it whistles though.

Also, another cat has found its way to us. A little black/gray tabby male. He's still a kitten. He's so soft and sweet though.


Our sunflowers are doing sooooo awesomely! They are prolly 4" tall now. My Gladiolas are doing great too... the tallest is prolly 3" tall... the others are just now popping through the dirt. My other flowers are also coming up. woohoo! Its so cool seeing that happen!

Car update:

Last, but certainly NOT least... we bought that '93 silver DeVille! I used my VISA to buy it! Yay! Its so nice! Burgandy leather interior, power everything, fuel data center, and climate control, etc. Even AC! woohoo!

1 comment:

Julie M. said...

Awww! I think the bird is cute. Well, until it crapped on my shoulder. Maybe you can name it Crapper or Pooter :)