Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I started on my flower garden :D I am halfway done cleaning the weeds out of my flowerbed. Calista and I have already planted some sunflowers around that pole in our yard. We bought lots of flowers :D I hope they all do well!

Jeremy has his garden plot ready... just needs to plant his veggies.

Oh, Jeremy says he's doing really well at welding and his teacher is very impressed! woohoo! I'm so happy :) Maybe things are finally looking good for us!

And I feel awful :( All last week, I had Calista practicing the wrong spelling words! So, on Friday... she only got 2 out of 5 words right :(( I feel soooo terribly! See, every Monday the teacher sends out the news of the week including the spelling words... and I had left up the one from last week... I feel so terrible :( So, I'm making a very conscious effort to make sure I have her studying and practicing the right words! My poor girl. At least she knows how to spell fish and sun now though! hehe On the positive side, anyways.

Ursula! Once again, she fell asleep on her own in the living room! She asked for a pillow, covered herself with a blanket and fell asleep! It was sooo sweet! Of course, I took another pic :D

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