Friday, March 11, 2005

Hair and Weight

Okay, I think I want to cut my hair off. Yep. I've haven't done that since I was in elementary school. Reason? Last weekend, we went visit my family in Raceland. My sister, Cherie, is sporting a new 'do and I LOVE it!!! I'll post a pic of it... But, I didn't really take a picture of it but of my sister with her girls... So, you can't really see what her hair looks like.

So, here's the correlation between hair and weight... and actually, my birthday.

I have decided to really get motivated about losing weight. So, since my bday is coming up next month and I really liked Cherie's hair cut... If I can get rid of the unnecessary pounds by my bday, I give myself permission to cut my hair off :D Of course, when the time comes and I did reach my goal at the end of April and I decide against chopping it off, that's all good too :D

So, here's what I intend to do: treadmill for 20 min after eating, daily. Hopefully, get some pilates in there at some point during the day. I have a flower garden to attend to as well, so, that'll give me a tiny bit of exercise, well, after I finish getting the beds ready. I'll also try to eat smaller portions of food and/or leave food on the plate. Gosh, I love food! hehehe

And to be honest, I never really actively tried losing weight. Not like this. A few months ago, I walked up and down my street for like a week and lost like 3 lbs. So, I know I can do this if I really try. Oh, can't walk now because the umbrella stroller has a broken wheel :(

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