Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ursula Update

Wow, I've been slacking on updating her! hehehe Oops!

She's 26 mths old. She's still so funny. She speaks in mostly 3 word sentences. She still uses 'my' in place of 'I'; as in "ha ha, my barted" (translation: I farted). Sometimes she'll add in an 'excuse me' which sounds more like, 'scuze me'. She says, "my got it" "you got it" "alright" "ok" "tister" (sister), every man is 'dad', every woman is 'mom', and every little girl is 'tister'. She doesn't really know brother being that she has none. I'm trying to make her relate other men as 'man/men' and other women as 'lady/ladies'... girls and boys. She'll repeat me. Oh and every 'bo-bo' is from an ant bite, according to her.

A BIG thing... that I was totally not expecting. This child, at just over 2 yrs old, KNOWS HOW TO LIE!!! OMG!!! What's up with that? Calista could be at school and if I ask Ursula what happened, who did what, etc... she'll immediately say, "Tister did it" "Tister had it" etc!!! Crazy or what??? I'm sure that came from having an older sister. Calista will all too often try to remove herself from any blame... "I didn't do it!"... so, I'm thinking that Ursula picked up on that.

She likes to sneak up on us and says, 'boo!' a lot; esp. if she thinks we didn't see her approaching us or something like that.

She still nurses. It has slacked somewhat. There are nights, still, that she seems to nurse ALL night. Other nights, maybe once. I was just reading an entry from "Jason's" blog about night terrors (Jason left a comment on my blog, so, I went to his :D). His 6 yr. old dd has them. I wonder if Ursula also has them. There are nights where she'll cry out, toss and turn, go straight as a board, and it takes me a while to calm her down. Sometimes she'll say, "no! no!" but, I know she isn't saying that to me. Its so weird. I often wonder what's going on in her head when this happens. What is she dreaming about. What has happened in her short life that causes night terrors??? Perhaps its actually an old memory of a past life? And, she still sleeps with us. She really prefers to sleep in between Jeremy and myself. My sister, Aimee, suggested she does that for the Yin Yang effect... maybe so?

Potty update: She will ALWAYS go to the toilet if she's naked from the waist down. If she has panties on, its about a 50/50 chance that she'll go to the toilet. So, I let her run around the house naked.

She really likes Elmo. hehe Although, she really doesn't sit and watch TV too often. Not like Calista would. Not that I advocate TV as a baby sitter... but, it does allow me some free time. Sorry if that sounds selfish. But, I get so wound up sometimes. I need a break; and that barely EVER happens. And, actually, she's watching an old cartoon with Calista that I bought at the Dollar Tree... one of those really old ones... I think she's only watching right now because Calista is and she just LOVES to imitate her big sister. LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to imitate Calista. Follows her, repeats her, does homework when Calista does hers, etc.

And man, can this child put it away! She can eat! Such a difference between her and Calista! She even likes raw veggies! woohoo! Of course, she likes things that I'd rather her not like... like she really enjoys coffee! lol Crazy, huh? She will sneak our coffee if given the opportunity.

Hmm... there's more, I'm sure... but, I'm in the middle of cooking dinner and need to get back to it. :D


Tasha said...

Hey, I am replying to the night terrors thing. I just read about that today. Koltin is only 15mths. old, but I swear he has experienced these. Like twice, but in the same week. Here, I will copy & paste what I read.

Finally, as toddlers begin to experiment with imaginative play, they also sometimes start to have nightmares. A 15-month-old is reaching an age where he can start to think on a symbolic level and is able to transform reality into fantasy (not that he could explain this to you!). It will be several years before your child can distinguish between dreams and reality. Since he probably can't use words to tell you about his dreams, you'll have to rely on unusual behaviors to alert you. Children who are stressed or anxious (usually related to tension in the family or problems with daycare or preschool) are prone to nightmares. If your usually sound sleeper awakens crying in the night and can't tell you why he's upset, try talking to him in a soothing voice and rubbing his back until he settles down.

At this age, all you can do is comfort your child and perhaps establish some sort of routine to banish the "monsters" from his room. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests reading your toddler some stories about dreams and sleep, such as In the Night Kitchen, by Maurice Sendak, to help him understand that they're nothing to be afraid of.

I found it interesting how they can't distinguish between reality & dreams. Hope this helps.

Alison said...

Thanks Tasha :D

Yeah, I had thought those things too... I think I had read somewhere a while back that they couldn't distinguish between reality and dreams yet.

And it could easily be tension in the family causing her to have them. Esp. if she's gotten fussed a good bit that day; for like say, BITING!!! Geez...

Next time she has one of those type of episodes, I'm gonna have to think back to the day before and how things went... see if she was stressed or if we were stressed or what...

What I do is just calmly talk to her "Its okay; I'm me, mommie, I'm here, You're okay"... over and over again. The only bad part is if I can't calm her down before Jeremy gets involved! Arrgggghhhh.... by that time, his sleep is disturbed and he wants to spank her for crying... so irritating... so, I try to calm her down and get her nursing before he gets involved.

Thanks again :D