Friday, March 18, 2005

Test Drives

Both yesterday and today, we went looking at vehicles because once Jeremy gets that check his totaled car, the 'free' ride with our rental ends. And being that I have that credit card, we can get something before we're stuck carless.

We found a nice '93 DeVille, 4 door, for $3000... But, they don't have a credit card swiper.

So, we drove around some more. Drove a '98 Ford Windstar. And everything was really nice in and out; however, when we parked it, I smelled something so, Jeremy popped the hood and sure enough, there was vapor coming from somewhere. That one is $2900. At that same place, we drove a Grand Marquis, and it was really nice... But, no acceleration. Jeremy felt that the transmission was slipping. So, we left that place.

The last place we went today, Jeremy drove a '90 DeVille with 107,000 miles on it. Dual leather power seats, navy. Asking $2300 for it. He doesn't have a Visa card swiper either, but his dd has a restruant and he's gonna ask her if she can swipe it for him.


Tasha said...

cool...Wow! A 'cadi-lacki'! :) Hope, ya'll are able to get it!
Love Ya.

Alison said...

Oh, me too! Girl, it is sooo nice! It has the works, dual power leather seats, climate control, fuel data manager, etc. And drives awesomely! It is an 8 cyclander, so, it'll burn more gas, but, it would so sweet to have! I really hope his daughter lets him swipe our card!!! We'll know in the morning.

Jessica said...

girl, what kind of limit do you have on that card? must not be no meesly 500 dollars! LOL
good luck,

Alison said...

Yeah, girl... its no measely $500 card :D woohoo :D hehehe

But, that car is gone :( Now we have to search for something else.