Tuesday, March 08, 2005


She got her 6 wk report card in today.

She made all "S's" or "A's"... with the exception, again, of one "N" in 'obeys class rules'.

The teacher, Mrs. LaStrapes, made these comments: Talking too much. Calista is a very good student. Sometimes rushes her work.

This is the first time she's commented on her report card. I knew that Calista was rushing her work. I could tell by what she did at home. Jeremy told her next time she gets a "N" on her report card, he was gonna spank her.

Calista told me this little 'brown' chic dug through her bag while the teacher was out. That really irritates me. I only send cash to school. And, right now, they want lunch money. I don't need some little kid digging and stealing our money. That would piss me off royally. I sent a note to the teacher about that and also about Calista's missing navy sweatshirts (2 of them) and her missing navy zip-up sweatshirt.

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