Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shin Splints :-(

Well, my shins were hurting so much yesterday that I looked it up online... and apparently, I have shin splints :(  So, I can't run/jog until they don't hurt anymore.  I just walked today.  I did get my 10,000 steps (according to my cell phone app) though :)  Maybe my weight loss may slow down even more because of this... but, I think about how my mom was able to lose weight by walking 2 miles almost daily some years ago and she was older than me.  It didn't happen overnight; but, it'll happen :)  Once it's cooler, I may even walk twice a day:  In the morning, after the kids get on the bus and in the evening, before dinner, with whatever kids want to come (so far, Ursula wants to join me).

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