Monday, September 16, 2013

Voodoo Fest Update

I called my mom about coming to stay at our house for the weekend of the Voodoo Fest and she's fine with it!  Woohoo! And whew!  Now we don't have to stress over that!
Cherie said she had still planned on coming bc of Wyatt's Flea/Fly game :-)  I hate that we'll miss it though!
We also made a deposit for a kind of duplex to stay for that weekend with Angele and Shane too!  It's awesome!  It's close to the Festival Grounds and has 2 bedrooms and a stocked kitchen!  I believe we'll have a great weekend!
I'm not sure about Halloween; since it's on Thursday... not sure if T-r-T'ing will happen on Thursday or Friday... and MACA is supposed to have a dance too; I'm assuming that'll be on Friday but, I've no idea...

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