Thursday, September 05, 2013

Before Pictures

Ok... here I am... fat and nasty!  150-152 lbs.
I took these after my walk/jog today.
My goal?  I need to get rid of at least 10 lbs!  At first, anyways.  Ultimately, I'd love to be 125 lbs!!!  Haven't seen that weight in years... maybe even over 10 yrs!
Honestly, I'm cool when I weigh 134 lbs.  At that weight, I fit a size 5.
Right now, I am about a size 8.  I can squeeze into a 6... hahaha.  I have back fat and love handles.   So, yeah, I'm too fat for myself right now!!!  Hate it!!!
Sometimes I wish I could be anorexic for just a few months...  but, I just love food too much to avoid it or regurgitate it... hahaha. 
Excuse the dirty mirror!  Pictures always show details you can't see so easily on glass and mirrors!  Hahaha. Anyways, that's from my cat, Cosmo.  He likes to splash his water around when he drinks!  Crazy kitty!

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